Welcome to our farm

Thank you for your interest in Snowflake Fibers! We are a family-owned hobby farm raising and breeding a small herd of alpacas at Triple Dog Dare Ranch in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley 30 minutes east of Seattle, Washington. We create luxury yarns and various fiber arts from our wonderful alpaca fiber. Aside from having a wonderful feel, so soft you can wear right on your skin, alpaca fiber is warmer and stronger than sheep wool. It is also light weight, and water resistant! Feel free to look around here and shoot me any questions or comments you have via my comment page.

We are a small family farm located in Carnation, Washington in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley. We pride ourselves on offering some of the most beautiful, luxury yarns around! Get to know our adorable alpacas… get to know our mini farm… get to know us!

We choose only the very best fleeces for our yarn and partner with other small, female-owned producers. We proudly offer up our selection of fibers, felted pieces, and one of a kind tools. Experience the luxury of our warmest, softest, and finest Alpaca fiber!