Our Products

Snowflake Fibers yarn is produced from the sheared fiber of our adorable alpacas. I choose only the finest and best quality fleeces for my yarn. All the other fleeces are used to make our incredible core spun yarn and hand woven alpaca rugs or needle felted fabrics.

Alpaca fiber is about 3x warmer and much softer and finer than sheep wool. It is also incredibly drapey when knit. Blending it with 20-30% sheep wool produces a yarn that is both warm, incredibly soft to the touch as well as springy to hold it’s shape for knitting or crocheted pieces. It has the wonderful qualities of wool yarn but with the incredible softness of alpaca fiber. Our local mill sources the finest local sheep wool for us to blend with our amazing alpaca fiber. Cria (baby) and yearling alpaca fiber I do not blend with any sheep wool because it is so incredibly soft and an absolute rare luxury. It’s best to use that yarn for special shawls and other items that you don’t mind growing a bit. Have a look and please check back often for new products!.